I am firstly a Dreamer… then an entrepreneur, enthusiast, artist and athlete

Love is a strong warrior for peace, truth and loving kindness with a deep sense of playfulness. I want to affect the world with positive change!

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I’ve launched an iphone & android app which is available in app stores in 130+ counties!


The GOAL, get people to start their day feeling GREAT! if you’ve never hear of yoga or practice daily this app is for you!


postures, mantras, motivational videos and meditation coming!

i love to shoot cameras

my creative side is always trying to find a new shot, my adventurous side is always trying to find somewhere and someone new to shoot. connect with me.

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one on one

Love to coach one on one from the funDAmentals to advanced inversions and dynamic transitions.


I’m a traveling yogi so don’t be shy if i’m in your town, even 30 mins communications and pointers can take focus to entire new edges and beginnings!


breath, alignment, mental focal points and most of all imagination.

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mala making

Want to learn how to make your own mala?


Working coming soon sign up to get notified.

let's make magic

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Have me and my team create a website like this for you!

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yoga tour

Amazing studios spread all over the world i’ve practiced at which I recommend checking out!

Shala Yoga
Tanya and her crew are so in tune, they will know what you need and welcome you with open arms.
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the RAD life
Some of the most genuine, open, loving and fun people I’ve ever met. The space is very well setup to
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Breath of Life
A gorgeous space on the Yukon river, Jessica has cultivate a kind space which has flowing sense of graceful movement and deep understandings. They
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Pleasure Point Yoga
A wide open peaceful space with accepting, loving and wholehearted community people! You will only find teachers with a great deal
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